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Episode 001 Kevin Rothfus

By LOFT / November 13, 2018 /

Kevin Rothfus joins us today as a Captain at United Airlines. Over the years Kevin has held many different roles as an aviation professional, from owning his own 135 Charter business, becoming a DO, 135 check airman, designated pilot examiner for multiple corporate jets. This podcast contains some insight into the process of becoming an…

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CE-500 Single Pilot Waiver Requirements

By LOFT / September 5, 2018 /

What are the requirements for obtaining CE500 Single Pilot Waiver? If you’re considering a CE500 Single Pilot waiver, one of the first steps is ensuring you meet the requirements for obtaining the waiver. A lot of people are not familiar with all of the requirements, so we figured we would take a minute to provide…

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Should You Travel or Stay Local For Your Citation Training?

By LOFT / August 31, 2018 /

Should You Stay Local or Travel for Citation Training? A lot of our clients here at LOFT have to weigh the decision to stay local, or travel when selecting a citation training provider. Since it’s something we help people through frequently, we figured we would write a quick article about some of the things we…

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