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CE-500 Single Pilot Waiver Requirements

What are the requirements for obtaining CE500 Single Pilot Waiver?

If you’re considering a CE500 Single Pilot waiver, one of the first steps is ensuring you meet the requirements for obtaining the waiver. A lot of people are not familiar with all of the requirements, so we figured we would take a minute to provide the list in full. The prerequisites for a single pilot waiver are as follows;

    1) ATP or Commercial certificate
    2) CE500 Type Rating
    3) 1000 hours total time
    4) 50 hours night
    5) 75 hours instrument (40 actual)
    6) 500 hours as a PIC or SIC in turbine powered airplanes
    7) 3 take-offs and landings in the preceding 90 days in a 500 series aircraft


Now, if you need to obtain a CE-500 Single Pilot Waiver, but do not meet the above criteria feel free to give us a call. We are happy to help you formulate a plan to complete the requirements in the most efficient manner possible.  For more information on our Single Pilot Waiver course, check out the full overview by clicking this text.