• About Our Team:

    We are often asked what makes LOFT better than other citation training providers. Our answer is always the same: Our Instructors.

    We capitalize on your experience by employing seasoned veteran pilots who are current and qualified in the airplanes in which they teach. Their broad backgrounds include private, military, airline, and charter operations with tens of thousands of hours of experience flying everything from fighter jets to commercial airliners and Citation Jets to Gulfstreams.

    From the moment you call us until you pass your checkride, you are working with experienced aviators and instructors here in Carlsbad to guide you through the entire training process. Contact LOFT to sign up for citation training today.

Every Pilot at LOFT Can Expect:

  • Experienced Instruction

  • A Relaxed Environment

  • Flexible Scheduling

History of LOFT:

For the past decade and a half, LOFT has been providing experienced instruction to CJ and Citation pilots. Drawing from our rich history of training thousands of pilots in Citation and CJ series jets, we have been able to create a unique Part 142 simulator training program. In 2009 our CJ1 full flight simulator was the very first simulator in the country to be awarded certification under the new FAR Part 60 standards. This allows LOFT the ability to provide an unprecedented level of personalized training.

As aviators ourselves, we constantly strive to provide the best all-around environment and pilot training experience to our clients. We believe that will be evident from the moment you step into our facility. For more on that experience learn about LOFT’s Location in Carlsbad, as well as our Client Concierge Services.