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Should You Travel or Stay Local For Your Citation Training?

Should You Stay Local or Travel for Citation Training?

A lot of our clients here at LOFT have to weigh the decision to stay local, or travel when selecting a citation training provider. Since it’s something we help people through frequently, we figured we would write a quick article about some of the things we talk about. Here are a few critical questions to ask yourself through this process;

Do I even live near a Citation training center?

There’s not a ton of companies out there that offer CE500 or CE525 type rating courses. So, identifying if you have anyone local is the 1st step. If not, that makes the decision simple.

Is it more time consuming to travel?

You would expect this to be a simple answer, but there is a lot more to it than most people think. First things first, every training provider has different course lengths. At LOFT, we have the shortest course durations out there for simulator training at 10 days for an initial, and 3 days for a recurrent. We also offer a 5 day initial in the aircraft. Most others are somewhere between 13-14 days for an initial. Meaning, even if you factor in two full days for travel you still come out ahead by traveling. The second factor is how quickly you personally, can complete the course. Even though these classes have a base duration, not everyone gets through in the shortest possible amount of time. Especially if you are a new jet pilot it is not rare that you’ll need a bit of additional time in the simulator or in the classroom to be prepared for your checkride. At LOFT, we only work with instructors that have dedicated their careers to aviation, all retired airline and military pilots with tens of thousands of hours of real jet experience. They are proficient in the aircraft that they teach, and that gives you the best possible chance to get through as quickly as your skill level allows.

What’s more important to me, leisure or convenience?

A lot of people do not consider that the process of completing your citation training can actually be enjoyable. Being comfortably situated in beautiful, coastal, North County San Diego all of our clients at LOFT get the opportunity to enjoy all the amenities Southern California has to offer. Our facility is located just 3 miles from the beach, and in close proximity to hundreds of top rated restaurants, hotels, and other tourist attractions.

Is it economical to travel?

The short answer here is usually, yes. Our courses are priced competitively and LOFT clients receive generous discounts at local hotels. Furthermore, airfare to Southern California is easy to arrange and affordable. Give us a call today for a quote on any of our citation training courses.