LOFT Partners with Tamarack Aerospace Group

Combining Flight Courses With Technology

Tamarack Aerospace Group designs and develops innovative technology for business, commercial, and military aircraft, including Cessna Citation aircraft, specializing in its revolutionary Active Winglets. You can recognize these winglets on the edge of wings. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal, but they save an immense amount of fuel, help make your ride smoother during turbulence, and makes take offs and landings safer. LOFT is proud to partner with this innovative company as its preferred training partner for Cessna aircraft owners with Tamarack Active Winglets. Contact our aviation school to learn more!


About LOFT

LOFT in Carlsbad offers the best CJ and Citation training courses. Whether you are a seasoned pilot looking for your CE-525(S) recurrent or you are a new pilot looking to obtain your CE-500 Initial Type Rating certification, our expert pilots are here to teach you the ins and outs of Cessna jets. Our passion is to pass on our love of flying to others by giving them the skills they need to fly safely and feel comfortable while in the sky.

LOFT is proud to partner with Tamarack Aerospace Group and become their preferred training partner for their customers. Tamarack Aerospace Group has innovated the Active Winglet, which allows pilots of Cessna Citations and other aircraft to make fewer fuel stops, fly higher, climb higher, have safer take offs and landings, and have a smoother ride. With great training and superb technology, flying has never been better. To learn more about our partnership with Tamarack, contact our aviation school today.

Tamarack Aerospace Group & LOFT's Partnership

LOFT is proud to offer our top-rated Cessna Citation training courses to the owners of Tamarack's Active Winglets. Learn more below.

About Tamarack Aerospace Group

Tamarack Aerospace Group specializes in aircraft performance enhancements, most notably its Active Winglets. Active Winglets work by increasing the space, reducing drag from wing-tip vortices, and improving the lift distribution over the wing. The load is alleviated so the original wing structure is preserved, which is why they are so effective. Essentially, you get the benefits of an improved wing without any consequences. Active Winglets are easy to install and offer unsurpassed performance and fuel efficiencies that save you money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thereby reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

LOFT is proud to partner with Tamarack Aerospace Group. The community of CJ and Cessna Citation jet pilots is not a large one, and it's important to maintain connections, share information and innovation, and support one another. By combining forces, LOFT can ensure Citation pilots are ready to fly, and Tamarack Aerospace Group helps to ensure these same pilots will be safe, fuel-efficient, and look cool while in the air. Contact our aviation school in Carlsbad to learn more today.

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The Benefits of LOFT and Tamarack's Partnership

  • Informing our customers of one another's services
  • Helping customers who buy Active Winglets for their Citation planes get Citation jet recurrent type rating training
  • Helping customers know and understand how Active Winglets work and how they can benefit them
  • Helping make flying fun and enjoyable for Citation pilots
  • Helping make flying more affordable and easier
  • By making flying easier and fun, Citation pilots may want to invest in our CE-500 Single Pilot Waiver training
  • Exchange ideas for improvements to be made
  • Combine our talents of seasoned pilots who are always contemplating improvements with innovative designs


Why Choose LOFT For Your CJ and Citation Training Needs

The best indication of our success is the thousands of pilots we've trained over the past 15 years. When a pilot that has attended one of LOFT's CJ or Citation type rating training flies the skies, we smile. Pilots see the world like no others, able to fly wherever they want whenever they want. They share their love of flying with their friends and family, showing them the world from a new perspective as well. Pilots fully understand how big and diverse the world actually is. Seeing the world from thousands of feet above it gives you a whole new appreciation for life on earth.

LOFT offers the best Citation and CJ jet training, including our own proprietary Part 142 simulator training program. We offer personalized training on your schedule, and our beautiful facility located in Carlsbad, California, is cozy, inviting, and homey. From our 500 Series Single Pilot Waiver to our CE-500 Citation Initial and Recurrent type rating training, our experienced instructors come from a diverse background of flight experience, from military to commercial and business. These unique backgrounds enrich your learning experience, offering you more than just a dull Citation training class. On the contrary, you will be engaged and encouraged to participate and offer your perspective. We learn and grow from each other, and even our seasoned instructors learn something new with every CE-525(S) Initial type rating course or our CJ and Citation Differences Training.

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Join The Thousands of Other PIlots We've Trained

LOFT values our partnership with Tamarack, and we look forward to many collaborative years of working together. As their preferred Cessna Citation jet training partner for their customers, we look forward to seeing more pilots expand their learning as much as they've expanded their wings with Active Winglets.

Our talented staff are here to ensure your Citation training goes off without a hitch. Our Concierge services will have you enjoying your time here in beautiful Carlsbad, California. You can soak up the sun at the beach or relax with a massage after class. Of course, we'll direct you to the best seafood in town. We offer On-Demand Scheduling so you'll be able to schedule your Citation Initial or Recurrent Training at your convenience. We operate 7days a week, 363 days a year, which keeps our class sizes small, and your learning experience personalized. Don't wait any longer to expand your horizons. Sign up with our aviation school today!

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