On-Demand Scheduling

Making Cessna Citation Training Convenient For You

Most of us lead incredibly busy lives between career, family, and hobbies. Trying to find time to carve out to keep up with all of the demands can be exhausting. When you finally get a breather, you need to squeeze in another important thing: CJ and Citation training.

LOFT offers the best Citation training courses, both initial and recurrent, at our beautiful Carlsbad facility. One of the best parts about our Citation training is that we offer it when you need it, often with just one day's notice. Oftentimes, you will be the only participant, offering personalized training just for you. We've found that our customers love the fact they can squeeze this aviation training in when an opening occurs in their schedule, making it truly on-demand scheduling. Contact our Citation training school in Carlsbad to get started today!


Type Rating Courses We Offer In Carlsbad

  • CE-525(S) Initial type rating course
  • CE-525(S) recurrent type rating course
  • CE-500 initial type rating course
  • CE-500 recurrent type rating course
  • CE-500 single pilot waiver
  • CJ & Citation Differences course
  • High Altitude Endorsements
  • RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) airspace training
  • Pinch Hitter Training

On-Demand Scheduling For Your Citation Type Training

LOFT employs only those who have years of experience flying and teaching pilots the ins-and-outs of Cessna Citation aircraft. Learn more below.

Benefits of On-Demand Scheduling For Citation Training in Carlsbad

  • Squeeze in training. For many, flying Cessna Citation aircraft is a weekend hobby. As such, it's not on the high-priority list when you have other things going on in your life, like family vacations, graduations, and soccer games. Or, if you are a busy pilot, trying to carve out the time to take the training between flying and family is challenging as well. However, for most of us, we do have unexpected openings in our schedules, such as when an event is cancelled at work or home. It is during these times that you can call us, and we can get you scheduled for Citation jet type rating training promptly.
  • Last-minute scheduling. For some of us, it is hard to plan out our time because our schedules do change so much. Many people wait until the last minute to book vacations, sign up for events, or even make dinner plans because of their harried schedule. At LOFT, last minute sign ups are okay. While other CJ and Citation training schools make you sign up at least a month in advance and may cancel a class if not enough participants register ahead of time, we don't. We accommodate you right where you are.
  • Help along the way. We offer a client concierge department completely dedicated to helping you make your last-minute accommodations and plans for Citation training at our aviation school in Carlsbad. Led by Corie, she is a native to the area and loves helping our customers be comfortable while they are here. She is always available to answer questions, direct you to the best seafood restaurant in town, or help you with a rental car when you arrive from the airport. Book your Citation jet type rating training with LOFT in Carlsbad today.
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Features of Our On-Demand Scheduling For Citation Training in Carlsbad

  • Our Citation training courses run 7 days a week, 363 days a year
  • Our Citation training courses are not scheduled, instead we fill them as you call
  • LOFT will run a Cessna flight training course even if it's not full
  • Our Citation flight training classes are small and personalized
  • We have the most experienced aviation instructors
  • We have Citation Ultra full-flight simulators
  • We accommodate your schedule
  • We keep you in the air

On-Demand Scheduling At LOFT in CARLSBAD

Technology has improved the lives of everyone in ways we can't even fully list. From being able to video conference and see our friends and family who live far away to flying in jets that will take us anywhere we wish to go, our lives are full and filled with conveniences that allow us to lead the lifestyle that we do. That being said, because of the sheer number of things to go and see and do, it can be hard to find the time to do them all, especially when you have children who need you night and day. You have to choose instead the activities that you most want to do.

LOFT in Carlsbad makes it easy for you to obtain and maintain your Citation type rating with our initial and recurrent flight training courses offered on your schedule. We understand that the hardest part can be finding the time to keep up on your certifications. We are passionate about flying and about keeping you in the air, which is why we do everything we can to accommodate your needs. From helping with hotels and flights to helping you with the best recommendations for activities, we help you enjoy your free time in Carlsbad.

Aviators share a special camaraderie, and we love the opportunity to come together, share knowledge, and grow as pilots. When you partner with us for your 500 Series Single Pilot Waiver, CE-500 Initial Training and recurrent, or CE-525(S) initial and recurrent training, you'll have the best instructors who will teach you when you are ready. Book your Citation jet type rating course today!

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