LOFT Partners with CJP

Bringing Cessna Citation Owners Together With the Best Citation Training

Citation Jet Pilots (CJP) is the world's premier Cessna Citation aircraft owner-pilot organization. Formed in 2008 as a loose-knit online community of Citation pilots, they have evolved into the most influential and respected association of aircraft owners, operators, and pilots in the world. Their mission is to ensure the freedom that flight provides, CJP strives to build a sense of community around the love of flying and standards of excellence and professionalism. They are committed to education, innovation, and community service. They have the largest library of information on all makes and models of Citation aircraft. They exist to serve their members by providing them the information when they need it the most. To learn more about LOFT and CJP's partnership, contact us today.


About LOFT

LOFT began over 15 years ago with the mission to offer the best CJ and Citation training to pilots from around the world. Our passion for flying is what propels us forward (pardon the pun) in order to continue to bring you the best in course material, flight simulators, and world-class instructors. In addition, we continually seek out partners, such as Citation Jet Pilots (CJP), that can help us further our mission to keep you flying. CJP is the largest association of Citation owner-pilots, and we are proud to partner with them and support their mission of education and giving back to the community. Flying offers a true freedom, and CJP loves to encourage that freedom in others.

Despite the fact that flying is just over a century old, the strides the aircraft industry has seen, as well as the innovation, gives us impetus to keep moving forward in aircraft safety, efficiency, and productivity. There's almost nothing like being behind the yoke when flying, and to feel the power of a Cessna take off, fly, and land is indescribable. By offering the best CJ and Citation flight training, we can help pilots remain safe, while being able to travel when they want to and where they want to easily. Our world-class Citation training, facility, and equipment will have you thirsting for more. Contact our aviation school to get started today!

CJP & LOFT's Partnership

LOFT is proud to offer our top-rated Cessna Citation training courses to Citation Jet Pilots Owner Pilot Association members. Learn more below.

About Citation Jet Pilots

CJP offers its members a whole host of benefits, from discounts on fuel, insurance, and service to finding the best flight training and avionics available for our members. CJP uses the power of their Cessnas to give back to causes, such as the Special Olympics. They prioritize safety and professionalism, as well as partnerships who serve Citation pilots. They offer their members the best value through events, networking opportunities, online forums, and a shared and collected wisdom of seasoned Cessna Citation pilots. They focus on helping their members operate their Cessnas with safety as well as efficiency.

One of their most significant achievements is offering the largest online repository of curated articles addressing anything and everything you'd want or need to know about Cessna Citation aircraft, including Citation history, operations, training, maintenance, model differences, and more. In addition, they help bridge the gap between owners and companies that support Citation fleets in order to offer their members significant savings on services and products for Cessna Citations. Cessna itself is an avid supporter of CJP, sponsoring every major event they hold. Multiple regional events are held throughout the year, offering Cessna Citation owners and businesses a venue to exchange ideas and innovations in the Cessna.

CJP is a Cessna Citation advocacy group that LOFT is proud to partner with. Their mission to help education Citation pilots, improve safety, and foster best practices is in line with LOFT's core beliefs. To learn more about our partnership, reach out today.

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The Benefits of LOFT and CJP's Partnership

  • Access to the best library for pilots
  • Access to the best flight instructors for Cessna Citation
  • Cost savings for those associated with CJP when they sign up for LOFT's CJ or Citation type rate training
  • Collective pool of knowledge that is invaluable to student pilots
  • Continual emphasis on pilot and aircraft safety
  • More opportunity to form closer bonds and widen the Cessna Citation pilot community
  • More opportunity to give back
  • Stronger advocacy position
  • Reliable Citation type rating training you can count on
  • Collaboration on initiatives
  • More minds to improve collaboration
  • Higher Citation pilot participation
  • Greater impact on future innovations

Why Choose LOFT in Carlsbad For Your Citation Training

There comes a point in life where you understand that customer experience is more important than other factors when choosing goods and services. The same can be said about aviation school. LOFT in Carlsbad has taken your customer experience to the next level with our Part 142 CE500 and CE525(S) training, as well as our Differences courses and more. We focus on the customer first and foremost. We've innovated On-Demand Scheduling where we offer our Citation training around your schedule. No matter if you only give us a few days notice, we will accommodate your needs. We understand how hard it is to squeeze in your CJ or Citation Initial or Recurrent Training. We offer small class sizes for personal attention, which gives you ample time to get all of your questions answered and absorb all of the information.

In keeping with our promise to always put our customers' needs first, we offer concierge services. This department's sole responsibility is to ensure you have everything you need from a logistical standpoint before, during, and after your Citation jet type rating training. We will help you with accommodations, rental cars, attractions while you are here, and with rides to and from the airport. Of course, we'll direct you to the best seafood restaurants as well!

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Experience Our Difference

Our Carlsbad facility can't be beat, as it houses not only cutting-edge full-flight simulators, but also amenities to ensure your comfort. The pilot's lounge is spacious and comfortable, offering complimentary drinks and coffee, as well as refrigerator and microwave for your snacks for the day. This is a great place to network with other pilots and just relax in-between sessions. Roam our space, enjoy the weather, and enjoy the company. Make our home your home.

LOFT invites you to call our facility with all of your questions. Our friendly staff are more than happy to help you with your Citation jet type rating training sign ups and introduce you to our Concierge services. Give us a call, and experience our customer difference today!

Learn More About Our Partnership with CJP