CE560XL Initial and Recurrent Training

A refreshing take on Part 142 CE560XL Training

For the past 15 years LOFT has been providing a refreshing part 142 training experience to Aviators.  We've decided it's finally time to bring that experience to the midsize market, and specifically the Citation 560XL.  Located at our beautiful facility in Carlsbad California, our new Level D CE560XL simulator allows us to provide insurance approved initial and recurrent training in the XL, XLS, and XLS+.

We've heard our customers constantly talk about how much they appreciate our convenient, on-demand scheduling, experienced instructors, and world-class location.  We're excited to be providing those benefits to a new segment of pilots.

LOFT's CE560XL Training Benefits

  • Insurance and FAA Part 142 approved training
  • FAA Level D Certified Device
  • No Pre-determined course dates
  • Beautiful training location in coastal southern California
  • Relaxed and comfortable training environment
  • No 2AM sim sessions
  • And so much more!

Citation 560XL Simulator Training for Initials and Recurrents

LOFT's combination of talent and technology allow us to provide a refreshing take on CE560XL training. Learn more below.

What To Expect During CE560XL Flight Training at LOFT - The Logistics

  • Initial Consultation. LOFT employs knowledgable staff members to help answer any questions you have about our program, and develop a training regiment that fulfills your mission.
  • Scheduling. Once all your questions have been answered about our program, and you're confident we provide an effective solution it's time to decide on dates.  At LOFT, we work a little bit different than the big box outfits.  Scheduling is all done on-demand, meaning you don't have to pick an existing course date.  Let us know what days suit your schedule best, and we'll get it done.
  • Arrival in Carlsbad. Whether you are flying into San Diego, Palomar, or you drove in, our Concierge team will help you every step of the way. We can help you with a rental car, hotel accommodations, and directions to our Citation flight training facility. We can also offer advice on the best places to eat in town and the best sights to see while you are here. Any question you have, we can answer!
  • Settle in. After arriving at our facility, you'll receive a tour from one of our Concierge, and be introduced to your instructor on day one.
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What To Expect During CE560XL Flight Training at LOFT - The Course

  • Ground school. Our Ground School curriculum aims to provide knowledgable instruction in a relaxed setting to aviators of all backgrounds.  In the context of an initial, you'll be in ground school for 6 days. A recurrent requires 2 days of ground.
  • Simulator training. With our new CE560XL Level D Simulator, LOFT is able to offer our unique simulator training experience to the midsize market. You'll face a number of common and unique situations where you'll be able to put your skills to the test.  Our Initial course calls for 10 hours of training, and our recurrent for 2 hours of training.
  • Checkride. The checkride is the completion of any training event. We have our own in-house designated pilot examiners, making this process simple and as stress-free as possible.
  • Certified! Once you've passed your checkride, you are ready to get back to doing what you love.  Behind the controls of a 560XL.

The Citation CE560XL Flight Simulator at LOFT in Carlsbad

Beyond just talent, LOFT also provides exceptional technology.  We also employ a team of experienced, and brilliant simulator engineers to maintain that technology.  Giving our devices unprecedented reliability, as nobody likes training delays due to faulty equipment.

LOFT's CE560XL sim was developed in collaboration with Aeronautical Systems Engineers, the manufacturer of our first two Citation simulators.  This decade and a half long relationship leads to highly reliable, highly accurate training devices.


Choose LOFT's Cessna Citation 560XL Type Rating Training

Being the little guy in the room, we've been forced to innovate on the long-established part 142 training format.  Every minute of your training experience with us is intentionally crafted over years of experience, and we hope that it shows.

Our concierge all come from extensive customer service experience, providing you with a simple and enjoyable trip while in beautiful coastal California.

Our instructors are exclusively Career Aviators, with thousands of flight hours and widespread military, airline, and corporate careers.

Our simulator engineers have significant experience in electrical and mechanical engineering.  Making them quick to diagnose and repair any hiccup in technology, so that it does not impact your training schedule.

We would love for you to come and see what we've built.  Inquire below and one of our knowledgable training consultants will be in touch.

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