CE525(S) Initial and Recurrent Training

Cessna Citation Training By Career Aviators

For the past decade and a half, LOFT has been providing experienced instruction to aviators of all backgrounds. We have employed that experience to develop thorough and effective  Part 142 Initial and Recurrent courses for CE525 Series aircraft.  Regardless of your background, you'll find a sense of place with our Instructors and staff members here at LOFT.  Contact us today to learn more about our flexible scheduling options, and work with our experts to develop a training program that will work for you.


Benefits of LOFT's CE525 Type Rating Course

  • No pre-determined course dates
  • Career Aviator Instructors
  • Reliable, well-maintained training equipment
  • 10-day Initial Training, and 3 Day Recurrent Training
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Full-Service Concierge Services
  • No midnight Sim Sessions

Top Rated National Citation CE525 Type Rating Courses

LOFT employs only those who have years of experience flying and teaching pilots the ins-and-outs of Cessna Citation aircraft. Learn more below.

CE 525(S) Initial Type Rating Course Overview

Our CE-525 type rating course was built directly from our experiences working with thousands of aviators over the last decade and a half. Each training session is designed to teach you the fundamentals you will need in the air, as well as adapt to your personal strengths and weaknesses as a pilot. We feel that in taking this approach to training beyond just passing your checkride, you will feel safe and competent leaving our facility. Unlike the 14 day courses of most Citation flight training providers, our accelerated CE-525(S) initial type rating course is completed over 10 days at our beautiful facility in southern California. Six days of ground school with our seasoned Cessna Citation instructors, ten hours of dual instruction in our CJ1 Simulator, and a two-hour checkride with an in-house Check Airman. (Multi-pilot and multi-event discounts available). Contact us for Citation course availability today!

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Recurrent Type Rating Course Available

Our CE525(S) Recurrent course (or 61.58) is built on many of the same principles as our initial course. We want to make sure you leave our facility feeling comfortable operating your aircraft over the next year. The course is taught over a three-day period. Two days (or 16 hours) of ground school with our top-notch instructors, two hours of dual instruction in our CJ1 simulator, and a two-hour checkride with an in-house Check Airman. (Multi-pilot and multi-event discounts available). While many seasoned pilots bemoan recurrents, they really do work to refine the parts of flying we don't see every day. Our CE525 recurrent training gives you the opportunity to work on some of those maneuvers and practice emergencies that, while we hope never happen, we want to be prepared for if they do.

Combining Beauty and Convenience at our Citation Training Facility

Our Location

LOFT's mission to provide beneficial and convenient training options for aviators extends beyond hiring experienced instructors and providing state-of-the-art training technology. LOFT's thoughtfully designed facility is meant to make you feel at home throughout the day, and our close proximity to San Diego's beautiful beaches, top-rated restaurants, and countless hotels gives you plenty of options to make your trip enjoyable. Furthermore, our client concierge, Corie, is here to help you select the perfect hotel and make any recommendations for what to do in your downtime.

On-Demand Scheduling

As aviators ourselves, we understand how frustrating restrictive training schedules can be. Because of that, all of our scheduling here at LOFT is done on-demand, meaning that we do not operate pre-scheduled classes, but rather start our courses around our clients' availability. We operate 7 days per week, 363 days per year. This keeps our class sizes small, and our schedule flexible. When it comes to ensuring you not only learn the course material for your CE-525 type rating, but you also feel ready to tackle any challenge you may face in the air, LOFT endeavors to make your entire experience here with us informative, memorable, and enjoyable. Reach out to a team member to get started today!

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Creating A Sense of Place for Aviators Since 2004

LOFT endeavors to create a home away from home during your time with us. We offer many amenities, such as our concierge services, where we will help you with hotel accommodations, car rentals, and area attractions in and around San Diego. In addition to our top-rated Citation flight simulators, we offer a pilots' lounge with complimentary drinks, coffee, and snacks. There are also tables and sofas for you to hang out and enjoy.

We have intentionally, and meticulously created an environment that airmen of all backgrounds can be comfortable in, learn from each other, and enjoy.