Citation Ultra Training

LOFT offers a more personalized experience during your training sessions. You will work closely with our instructors during classroom time. You will be provided guidance on familiar and unfamiliar scenarios in the safety of our simulator. The goal is to get you comfortable and orientated with the aircraft.

Initial flight training is the key to a safe and secure pilot. As technology advances and aircraft get even more complex, safety remains our primary concern. Our instructors deliver the best experience for their students.

Combining brand new, state-of-the-art simulator technology with Cessna’s proven Citation Ultra design –

LOFT is now FAA and Insurance Company approved to provide the following Part 142 courses:

  • CE-500 Initial Type Rating
  • CE-500 Recurrent (61.58)
  • CE-500 Initial SIC (61.55)
  • CE-500 Recurrent SIC (61.55)
  • CE-500 SIC to PIC Upgrade
  • CE-500 SIC to PIC Upgrade