Citation 560 Ultra Flight Simulator

Taking Your Citation Type Rating Training to a New Level

When airplanes were first being made and flown, there were a lot of crashes, a lot of which were due to pilot error. The need to practice airline flight was quickly realized because of this. The idea of flight simulators was born, first being implemented in a practical way almost 100 years ago in 1927.

Today, flight simulators play an important role in pilot training. They help to simulate situations that pilots often find themselves in while flying, giving pilots the ability to make decisions without the stress and pressure of an actual aircraft, or the possibility of an airline crash and possible death. Full flight simulators have made airplane flight safer and made pilots better in turn. The Citation 560 Ultra Flight Simulator is one of the latest full flight simulators to help pilots achieve competency while in the air. LOFT in Carlsbad offers this aircraft simulator for all of our Cessna Citation training courses. Sign up today!

Benefits of CE525 Type Rating Course

  • Lowest downtime rate in the industry and maintained by a brilliant team of technicians.
  • Manufactured by Aeronautical Systems Engineers
  • Certified by the FAA and Insurance companies
  • FAA Level 6 FTD Standards
  • Electric motion on Six Degrees-of-Freedom (6DOF) motion platform
  • 7 high resolution monitors visual system
  • Provides a fully immersive simulation environment
  • Assembled from actual Cessna components
    Replica cockpit
  • Actual Cessna flight controls with realistic instrumentation and bezels
  • Cockpit contains Simulated Honeywell Primus 1000, functional GPWS, and an AOA Gauge and Glare Shield Repeater

Full Flight Simulator For Your Citation Type Training

LOFT specializes in offering the best Citation type rating training with highly-experienced instructors and using only cutting-edge technology, such as the Citation 560 Ultra Flight Simulator. Learn more below.

LOFT’s NEW Level D Ultra 560 Full Flight Simulator!

Combining brand new, state-of-the-art simulator technology with Cessna’s proven Citation Ultra design, LOFT is now FAA and Insurance Company approved to provide the following Part 142 courses:

  • CE-500 Initial Type Rating
  • CE-500 Recurrent (61.58)
    CE-500 Initial SIC (61.55)
  • CE-500 Recurrent SIC (61.55)
  • CE-500 SIC to PIC Upgrade
  • CE-500 Single Pilot Waivers
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Recurrent Type Rating Course Available

  • Become a better pilot. Modern full flight simulators are extremely realistic, often using the real cockpit or components of the aircrafts, like Citation 560 Ultra Flight Simulator. You will be faced with scenarios you will encounter as a pilot, such as low visibility landings, turbulence, and storms. By practicing in a controlled setting, you will hone your flight skills and reactions, making you a better pilot for when you are in the sky. By investing in Citation courses, such as those offered by LOFT, you'll have a chance to hone your skills even more in our classroom and flight simulator portions.
  • Maintain your training. It's super easy to become complacent as a seasoned pilot, especially with all of the modern technology that helps you do your job, such as autopilot and more. However, a computer will never be able to replace the human brain that must make quick decisions if something arises. By maintaining your proficiency with Citation jet type rating courses and full-flight simulators, you'll strengthen your skills and reduce safety risks.

  • Practice one-off events. Many airline crashes happen from one-off events that pilots have never seen before, or they can't remember how to deal with. Full-flight simulators, such as the Citation 560 Ultra Flight Simulator that LOFT uses, offers you the chance to practice these rare events and scenarios so that if you face a similar situation in real life, you'll be better prepared and know what to do.
  • Freedom to make mistakes. Full-flight simulators are just that — devices that simulate the real world, much like a video game. You'll be able to safely practice in-flight emergencies and risky landings without any consequences. You can experiment with different tactics that may work better in a flight simulator than in real life that you wouldn't do otherwise. A flight simulator is a great way to pioneer new flying methods and procedures. Furthermore, a flight simulator helps you to avoid risky situations in the first place. You can learn without worry.

Uses Of Full-Flight Simulators

  • Flight training
  • Research and development of aircraft
  • Test innovations and changes in cockpit design
  • Research into aircraft handling
  • Study and analyze pilot behavior
  • Offer aircraft-specific flight training
  • Pioneer flight control systems
  • Improve safety and performance of aircraft
  • Create safer skies
  • And more!
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The Citation 560 Ultra Flight Simulator at LOFT in Carlsbad

The Citation 560 Ultra full-flight simulator is an integral component of all of our CJ and Cessna courses here at LOFT in Carlsbad. After all, there is only so much a book and the best instructors can teach you. Without hands-on knowledge and practice, you will be flying by the seat of your pants when you take to the skies (i.e. woefully unprepared). Inexperienced pilots can make errors with dire consequences. Yet, practicing in real Citation jets can be expensive, from having to pay the instructor to jet fuel and procurement of an airplane, not to mention the risk of crashing.

Using a full-flight simulator gives pilots the practice they need to understand the handling of the aircraft, as well as the controls and different scenario protocols. Almost every misstep to a plane has happened before in the 100 years since humans have been flying. Planes do tend to act the same way, just adjusted for size and type of the aircraft. With our Citation simulator, you will be prepared for almost all aspects related specifically to the Cessna Citation.

Choose LOFT For All Your Citation Type Rating Training Today

LOFT offers both initial and recurrent Citation flight training for all CE-500 and CE-525(S) aircraft type ratings. In addition, we offer training for charter companies and CJ and Citation differences training. If you are looking to get your 500 Series Single Pilot Waiver, we offer that certification as well. Our mission here at LOFT is to keep you flying, which is why we offer on-demand scheduling to suit your needs. We offer a concierge to help you while you are here, whether you need rental car help or accommodations advice.

Since 2004, we've trained thousands of pilots on the Cessna CJ and Citation aircraft with our tailored type rating courses made just for you. In 2009, our CJ1 full flight simulator was the very first simulator in the country to be awarded certification under the new FAR Part 60 standards. This allows LOFT the ability to provide an unprecedented level of personalized training. When you partner with us, you will see and feel the difference. Join our podcast chats where we interview seasoned pilots and instructors who offer valuable advice on flying, flight training, aviation schools, career advice, aircraft knowledge, and so much more. Schedule your Cessna Citation jet type rating training today!

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