LOFT Partners with AVIAA

Connecting Aircraft Operators With the Best Citation Training

As one of the top group purchasing organizations for pilots, AVIAA has been looking for the perfect partner to provide first-class flight training at affordable pricing for their CJ and Citation pilots. Having gone through a thorough vetting process, AVIAA has determined that LOFT is the perfect partner to meet their goals. Together, LOFT will provide AVIAA members with insurance-approved part 142 training, with flexible scheduling at a preferred pricing structure. Contact LOFT to learn more.


About LOFT

You are only as good as your people, and here at LOFT, we not only take that advice to heart, but we also implement it by only hiring the best, most seasoned pilots to teach our CJ and Citation courses. Whether you enroll in our initial CE-525(S) training or our CE-500 recurrent training, our mission is to ensure that your time is not wasted here and that you walk away with many nuggets of wisdom, knowledge, and practical applications to take with you as you fly. We also offer Citation training for charter companies at your convenience.

LOFT has been offering CJ and Cessna Citation training since 2004, and we believe you will have not only a time full of learning and networking, but also an enjoyable time here in Carlsbad. We are minutes from the beach and a short drive to San Diego where there are many fun activities for you to do and sights to see. We offer cutting-edge technology to complement our ground school, including the Citation Level D Ultra 560 Full Flight Simulator. We love sharing our passion for flying with others, and we can't wait to share it with you. Contact our aviation school today!

Citation Type Training & Group Purchasing Partnership

LOFT has joined forces with AVIAA to provide top-level Citation training to AVIAA members. Learn more below.


AVIAA's motto is to "fly smarter, spend less," and AVIAA believes they do just that. As an aviation procurement specialist, they operate by investing in group purchasing for our aviation members. They use our collective buying power to help their members obtain fuel, training, and flight insurance at affordable rates. AVIAA monitors and analyzes aviation supply chains in order to negotiate the best deals for their members. AVIAA offers procurement solutions for all of their members so that they can track their spending all in one place with detailed reports. The data is specific to your needs, so you only see the supplies that pertain to your particular aircraft(s) that you fly. Their easy-to-read dashboard allows you a snapshot view to show you how you're doing and areas you could improve.

AVIAA Insurance Services takes this same mindset and applies it to aviation insurance. Their procurement solution for your aircraft operations includes complete comprehensive coverage that includes hull and liability insurance, workers compensation, travel accident, loss of pilot license, and much more. Their aircraft insurance coverage solutions offer a competitive solution to your insurance coverage needs. If you have a fleet to insure, AVIAA can save you thousands per year, per aircraft. You will recoup your membership fees as AVIAA negotiates on your behalf for the best value.

AVIAA loves to partner with new businesses who can offer exceptional services to their members. The new partnership between AVIAA and LOFT affords AVIAA the opportunity to send their members to Citation type rating training at LOFT for a great price and receive top-notch training. LOFT's CJ and Cessna Citation training will help the pilot's insurance to go down once completed due to the additional education. To LOFT, this is a match made in heaven. To learn more, reach out to our team today.

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The Benefits of LOFT and AVIAA's Partnership

  • Reduced insurance rates for pilots who complete LOFT's CJ and Citation training
  • More opportunities for pilots to receive LOFT's Citation type rating training
  • Collaborative partnership where both can offer resources to pilots
  • Opportunities for pilots to further their passion and career in aviation
  • Bring the benefits of Citation type rating training to more pilots
  • Bring the benefits of a global purchasing network to pilots training for Citation type ratings
  • Continue to make flying and aircraft ownership affordable
  • Expand and group networks for aviators
  • Receive on-going support from both organizations
  • Support aircraft longevity and pilot longevity
  • Saves the members of AVIAA money, as well as those choosing LOFT for Citation training
  • Saves time in finding the best aircraft supplies and the best Citation training

Choose LOFT For Citation Training Today

LOFT loves flying as much as any pilot. The freedom experienced in the air is inexpressible. You can go anywhere, and you can see many sights that are rarely seen. Seeing the earth below from the sky, the mountains and the oceans, the deserts and the rainforests, and all of the other varied terrain on this planet is something that keeps pilots in the air. Flying your own Cessna aircraft to and fro offers convenience and control over your flight schedule. You can also show others the wonder of the air.

Since 2004, we've made it our mission to bring the wonder of the air to more people through our CJ and Citation jet type rating training courses. We use cutting-edge technology such as the best full-flight simulators on the market, as well as bring in the best minds in aviation who have years of flight experience to provide you with a Citation training course you will love.

Being in Carlsbad near San Diego is the perfect location to spend your free time, and our Concierge service will help you get your bearings, find a hotel, and offer advice on nearby restaurants and places of interest, including the beach. Our pilot's lounge is the perfect place to hang out in-between sessions and connect with other pilots. With a microwave, comfortable couches, and complimentary drinks and coffee, we've done everything we can to make your stay homey.

As our partnership with AVIAA shows, our mission is to ensure you stay connected to the aviation community. By partnering with AVIAA, we hope you will find their collective buying power of value in your aviation career. LOFT offers the best CJ and Citation initial and recurrent training. With on-demand scheduling, you can take one of our Citation flight training courses when you're ready. Contact us to sign up today!

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